Dragon BallZ Raging Blast 2

You must endure to win each fight!

Story mode: If you are new to the dbz world and you’re a gamer who cares a lot about story then this isn’t a good dbz game to start off with. There is no story mode in this game and the closest thing to it is galaxy mode. Galaxy mode is where you choose a character then fight a various number of battles each with certain conditions you must endure to win each fight.

Gameplay: This is a great game to get if you just want another fighting game. The controls are simple and the fighting looks cool. Another feature that makes the fighting look even cooler is raging souls. When you’re powering up to full there is an option to press a certain button for a short period of time, once you enter raging souls your attacks do a lot more damage.   

Graphics: The graphics in this game are awesome. You can tell that a lot of detail was put into the costumes, characters, transformations, auras, blasts, and battle stages.   

Roster: The character selection is decent with just about all the characters from dbz, but unfortunately there are no characters from db or dbgt so that’s kind of a downer.

Multiplayer: In multiplayer battles you can test you skills against players from all over the world. If you are new to the game then I would highly suggest training first until you master the basic controls then go on to multiplayer. If you fight someone and they beat you, figure out how they beat you and practice their moves or you can ask them to train you.

Joshua Hayes