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Unfadeable Outlaw

Isaac Rivera Garcia also known as Unfadeable Outlaw was Born in Mexico

City on January 13th 1985, was brought to the us in the late 80’s and

moved to Chicago where he spent 10 years of his young life until his

parents decided to move to az in the late 90’s. he discovered his love

for music at age 17, but didn’t persue music professionally until

  1. he had met a few friends from work that had an at home studio

and invited him over for some drinks and freestyle sessions, that’s

when he knew music was his calling. his first album was recorded in a

mobile home by bataka brown a former bay area native American rapper.

using analog equipment. the album was dropped in 2006 called

“Unfadeable Outlaw” it sold over 5000 copies independently which

helped him grow as a musician and was able to invest in more projects

with known artists such as dj kane from cubia all stars, chingo bling,

lighter shade a brown, and zig zag from nb ridaz. and has opened for

baby bash, lighter shade a brown, lil rob, gorilla zoe, mc magic, too

short, paul wall, zig zag of nb ridaz, and more. he went to jail in

2009 sentenced for 364  days. he was released in 2010 on January 27th.

he came out with 0 dollars, 0 cars, and no home. he got 2 jobs

immediately and stared to write more and more music on his life in

prison. he then was able to push 2 projects out in 1 year time.he is

now financially stable and doing well with his business partner/wife

of 1 year.he is a full time artist and independent.  he currently has

5 albums out and is currently working on his next album “convicted

felon” coming out this summer.

Celeste Duckworth