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Without Reasonable Doubt


It’s been exactly one year since the violent death of his brother Shawn and for Jus all he can do is replay the memory of his murder over and over in his head.

Having established himself as both a rising hip-hop artist and the owner of an emerging record label, “Jus InCase Entertainment” Jus is now losing focus of a once promising career.  

Chanel, Jus’s stunning girlfriend and a talented artist in her own right, does all she can to support Jus by trying to bring new talent to his entertainment group and encouraging him to start recording once again, but the memories of Shawn’s death and who killed him prove to be to strong.

On the trail of Shawn’s death are detective Willis and Roberts who come to Jus’s apartment on a continued suspicion that Jus might be directly involved in his own brother’s death, which makes no sense to Jus.

Music mogul Matt Longdale, the owner of Longevity Music Group, plays a father figure to Jus and after Shawn’s death is Jus’s only perceived source of direction and helps Jus think through his choices and feelings about Shawn’s murder and the future of his own career.

Celeste Duckworth