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VertiKal’s Most Eligible!

Over 40 and Looking for Love!!!

Some friends of mine were wondering why do many magazines or media focus on those under 40 as looking for love?

There are some beautiful women and men over 40 that are looking for love! Not chasing after it but hoping it happens.   So VertiKal wants to find 15 Women and 15 Men over 40 years old and Most Eligible willing to put it out there on VertiKal MagaZine during our Love, Dating, and Relationship Edition.  We are not match making but I tell you over 40 is a beautiful thing!!!

  • Send us your name
  • A large color picture
  • Occupation
  • Twitter contact (If you would like)
  • Facebook
  • Where you live

Then answer these questions:

  • What is the most defining character you would like in a mate?
  • Best First Date Place.
  • Your Thoughts of being over forty looking for love!

Celeste Duckworth