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Charmaine is the host of Atlanta’s popular radio show “The Relationship Party” and author of “The Bait to Get Your Mate”.  Affectionately known as “The Relationship Lady”, Charmaine is a Dating Strategist and a well sought after Relationship Mediator. Her mission is to equip individuals with the tools to have great love esteem and to be in healthy relationships.

She uses her radio show, her book, seminars and the relationship parties to empower men and women with relationship skills while entertaining them at the same time. With the use of fun exercises she promotes power of choice, self preservation, self empowerment and the power of self analysis. She keeps her audience out of the “what it should be” and into the reality of “what it is and let’s work from there”. There are no “amen corners, no “blaming the world” and definitely no “gender bashing”.

Dear Charmaine,

I’ve been married for 4 years and recently I’ve been having doubts about whether I married the right man. He’s a wonderful man but I just don’t seem connected to him sometimes. Oftentimes I feel like we are on different pages. He supports me financially with whatever I’m working on but I’m lacking the emotional support. I love him but I don’t want to be one of those unhappily married couples. What should I do?                    Confused in Minnesota  


Dear Confused in Minnesota,

Don’t worry Confused in Minnesota. Ninety-eight percent of all married couples go through the feeling of not being on the same page at some point in their marriage. What you should do is open the lines of communication and tell your wonderful husband what you need. Being married and making two lives into one is a journey to say the least.

Don’t let your emotion keep telling you this wonderful man is not the right man. Continue to remind yourself the two of you have to learn and teach each other how to love each other the right way.  One thing that married couples have to realize sometimes is our spouses can’t nor should they be everything. So if you’re husband supports your endeavors financially you may need to get a family member or friend to be your emotional cheerleader until your husband comes around. And he will because he loves you.   So again, communicate, tell him what you need. Be patient, get you an emotional cheerleader and love that wonderful husband that you have.  Good luck and keep me updated on your progress.

Dear Charmaine,

I’m very interested in a guy who says he’s interested in me as well however I don’t get to see him often. We live in the same area but he’s always busy. I really like him a lot Charmaine.  How can I get him to make more time for me?                                  Totally Interested in Alabama                                

Dear Totally Interested in Alabama,

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to make him want to spend time with you. Either he does or all things are in place for him to do so or there not. The best thing to do is communicate so there’s no assuming. Tell him “I know you’re a really busy person but I would like to get to know you a little better.” See how he responds. If he decides to make time and follows up with action, great. If he doesn’t you know not to sit by idly. Good luck!

Dear Charmaine,

I met a young lady who I am interested in getting to know and I love to talk to on the phone. The only thing is her kids are always screaming in the background and I become so annoyed. But at the same time I love her conversation. How do I handle this situation?     Need earplugs in NY

Dear Need Some Earplugs,

This is a sensitive matter and if you approach her incorrectly she may become offended. My suggestion would be to talk to her when the kids are resting especially if you want to have a lengthy conversation. If she calls you while they are noisy, say your pleasantries, tell her you have something to do and call her back when you think the kids are settled. Continue to enjoy the great conversation, its hard to come by.

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