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The Positive Energy Behind VertiKal!

The Truth about the Power of One….

“When men can be made to hope, then they can be made to win.” – Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

Norman A. Anderson was a person of few words, but he was also a creator and develpper of many great ideas and endeavors.

He worked for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, inclusive of but not limited to Federated, Wal-Mart, Kohls, Paris Collections (Yves St. Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Claude Montana, New Man), Sean John Kids, Calvin Klein Kids, Lacoste Kids, and Izod Kids.  He also participated in Federated’s non-profit organizations; such as “Partner’s in Time.”  Norman was also a board member and fundraiser for Harlem Dowling Center for Children’s Services.

Norman’s vision was to create, “A Global Movement of Positive Energy,” and he was continually making alliances through his promotion of creative, innovative individuals adn businesses beginning with his clothing line ‘VertiKal’ for his skate team.  His philosophy was to represent a straight-up, no time for nonsense lifestyle.  Peope soon began to recognize the word, ‘VertiKa’ and wanted to be part of the positive energy it represented and the movement was born.  This thinking led to the inception of VertiKal MagaZine.

As President/Publisher of VertiKal MagaZine, I am really proud of Norman A. Anderson, and the VertIKal Team.  When I look at how the people we have interviewed and featured on VertiKal Magazine and how they are making great strides in their careers…it tells me that we are on the right track.

VertiKal MagaZine is about promoting individuals that are doing some “Amazing Things in Their Lives and in the Lives of Others,” that may not be featured in mainstream media.  We don’t just focus on your career – we are interested in what you are doing for your community and how that will impact others, and that is what Norman wanted.

We all desire better communities for our families to grow, better health conditions, better employment opportunities where you are respected, and a government that hears you.  The Truth about the Power of One is that you are not alone in your thinking; collectively we become a Movement of Positive Energy!

Our Mission, “To Uplift, Enhance, and Educate our Local Neighborhood for the Betterment of our Global Community!” and The VertiKal Alliance – Will keep Rising and our Vision and Mission will not change…It’s not just about building a brand.  It’s about building a lifestyle…a movement.”

Several years ago Norman was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which is a very aggressive and he fought that disease every day while encouraging and mentoring anyone who asked.  He was always concerned that you were using everything you had within yourself to achieve your dreams.  Every day he woke with an expectation of new things to achieve and plans to keep moving forward.

Norman passed away from complications caused by diabetes and passed away February 25th, he will be greatly missed by everyone he touched.   

He is the proud father of 14year-old, Norman A. Anderson III, who turns 15 this March 20, 2014.  He spent almost every Saturday as Co-Host of Gamer Talk a show he created for his son the Ultimate Gamer…

Gamer Talk with Alpha Prototype and OB1 (Norman)

(November 2013 Program)

Remember Norman’s mantra at the end of each VertiKal Radio Program, every email, and each article he wrote;  “Be True, Live Free, Stay VertiKal!” – Norman A. Anderson

Please help us support the Norman A. Anderson Foundation – Contact Celeste S. Duckworth or Patricia Bodry for details.   The Norman A. Anderson Foundation

Celeste Duckworth

Norman A. Anderson Foundation

Norman Andre Anderson Foundation

Sharing a Global Movement of Positive Energy

Objective Tier One: Accept Donations, Hold Fundraisers and To sell T-Shirts (and other VertiKal clothing) to raise funds to spread positive energy by way of:

  1. 1.Food, clothing, home goods and school supplies to the less fortunate.
  2. 2.Aid in paying medical bills- specifically those to people with Diabetes and who have suffered or are suffering: heart attack, stroke, blindness, foot problems/amputations due to Diabetes.
  3. 3.Provide scholarships for job training and/or college programs, specifically for anything in relation to the fashion industry.

Objective Tier Two: Accept Donations, Hold Fundraisers and to sell T-Shirts (and other VertiKal clothing) to raise funds to spread positive energy on an easy-to-access every day ground level by way of:

  1. 1.Sending flowers to a person or family after the death/during the sickness of a family member.
  2. 2.Sending balloon bouquets (or stuffed animals/toys/etc) to children suffering illness, specifically Diabetes or blindness.
  3. 3.Providing meal preparation services to families with diabetic children and/or families who have recently lost a parent or child.
  4. 4.Providing nutritional/cooking classes to families with diabetes.

Objective Tier Three: Accept Donations, Hold Fundraisers and to sell T-Shirts (and other VertiKal clothing) to raise funds to spread positive energy on an easy-to-access every day ground level SIMPLY TO SPREAD JOY by way of:

  1. 1.Sending flowers, balloon, fruit or candy bouquets to ANYONE just because.
  2. 2.Sending candy-grahams, sing-o-grams, etc to ANYONE just because.
  3. 3.Facilitating Random Acts of Kindness on an individual level as well as by holding group events for this purpose alone. (ie: handing out water bottles to construction workers, single roses to passer-by, cups of coffee on a winter morning, VertiKal T-Shirts, etc) ßThis one is my favorite of all of them

** A portion of all proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association **

If you would like to be a part of supporting this foundation contact  cduckworth@vertikalmagazine.net

Celeste Duckworth