Women On The Rise featuring Actress Powell

Branding herself as Actress Powell.

Rollie Powell was born in Atlanta. Her parents were the late Barbara and Joseph Austin. Rollie has 4 Brothers and 1 Sister. Rollie graduated at the age of 17 from Charles L Harper, where she left home and became a single mother raising 6 children: three boys and three girls. Rollie lost her 17-year-old son, David, in February 2007 from a car crash and it was a major devastation in her life.

Rollie asked GOD to give her peace with losing her son, mother, and father; by giving her something to do, to ease the pain. Rollie works for the Georgia Department of Labor, where she has been employed for 11 Years. Rollie is also married to a man, she met 23 years ago, the author (“Arthur Art Powell”) where they will be celebrating their marriage on December 17th! Actress Powell is currently a Member of Family Life Missionary Baptist Church were Bishop A.T Lands and Rev Elect Rose Mary Lands are the Founders.

2007, Rollie performed in a play at New Direction Ministries, where First Lady and Pastor Dier Hopkins is the Founder. The play was called, “The Ten Women InThe Bible”, where Rollie played Ruth. A few weeks later, she received a phone call, to audition for a play called, “Do Sinners Have A Soul?” Rollie then started her journey as an Actress and begin branding herself as Actress Powell. Rollie also got cast in a play called, “ATL Jail Stage.”

In that play, she played three different parts. Rollie prayed to be a part of a Cast with Playwright TY Martin, where later that week, she ran into Ty Martin at Brad James Acting Class, then two months later she became a part of his cast, performing twice with “The Color Of My Skin”, “Diva Rella”, “Bridge Of No Return”, Lord Why Me, They Rose Above It All, Behind Closed Doors,

In 2012, Rollie was the Lending Actress at the Fox Theater in the Stage Play Biblical Principle. She also has been in films such as From This Day On TV Show, All My Love, Secured Tightly, Let’s Get It On-The Movie. Actress Powell has appeared as an extra on The Rickey Smiley Show. She will be featured in I Do, Maybe? The Movie and that will be filming September 29, 2013. Actress Powell also recently received an award from a Facebook friend Bavallee Bernstein for the category of Best Supportive

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Lord Why Me!  Trailer

This stage play deals with the inhumane act of domestic violence. Did you attend this event?

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