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Making a Statement with Sparkle and Bling

I sat down with my good friend Nicole Jackson, to talk to her about her business venture Accessories by Nicole

RCA: Nicole, when was Accessories by Nicole born?

NJ: I established my business in September of 2010. The concept behind Accessories by Nicole is two- fold: First, to be an entrepreneur and own my own business and secondly, to sell unique, trendy pieces that are affordable.

RCA: What are some of the pieces that you sell?

NJ: Things that you might not find in your average store- necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and handbags.

RCA: That’s a well-rounded mix; do you custom design any of your pieces?

NJ: No, I don’t. However, every item is handpicked from my personal taste according to what I feel is different, trendy and will be well received by my customers.

RCA: That’s what’s up! What are the prices of your jewelry?

NJ: They range in price from $13-$60. You can find me on my website at www.accessoriesbynicole.com

RCA: In a time where everyone is on their grind trying to stay ahead, what sets you apart from other jewelry merchants?

NJ: My prices and unique pieces are what set me apart. I plan on expanding my business this year now that my website is up and running. Hopefully, Accessories by Nicole will be infiltrating markets in all 50 states and internationally within a short period of time. The sky is the limit and I’m ready to soar!

RCA: Well, it sounds like you are well on your way! Do you have any parting words?

NJ: I encourage my customers to host parties. The hostess receives $50 worth of free jewelry and I provide the refreshments. All they need to do is invite friends and have fun! I also participate in events like the Auburn Festival in downtown Atlanta. As the year progresses, I will be involved in more events. So please take some time to view my website and place some orders!

RCA: Thank you Nicole for your time and we look forward to watching Accessories by Nicole take off to new heights!

Article by Robin C. Antley

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