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Red Suitcase Travels with Kerrie Cooke

They Call her the “The Clothes Whisperer”!

Have you ever thought of shopping on a budget?  Does the idea sound foreign to you?  Do you even think it can be done?  Virtuous One shows you how to transform your Styl without breaking the bank.  Being a personal stylist/personal shopper, Virtuous One helps you improve your original look from head to toe that aligns with your own personality and lifestyle.   Don’t take budget shopping lightly.

Virtuous Styls shows you how to shop at the best stores and find great pieces as low as $1.50.  Yes, you read it right this Styl Diva can make it work with a dollar and two case quarters. With he own $50.00 monthly budget for accessories, clothes, shoes, etc…Virtuous finds the best deals and work them into other pieces in her wardrobe.

Her Mantra? “ I provide you with tips, bargains, and how to create new Styls using your every day pieces in your closet.  Once we are complete your eye and your pocket will now relate.”  Red Suitcase Travels will be a continuing series in Vertikal Magazine’s Fashion Category Keep Coming Back to see Kerrie’s latest adventure!

See more of Red Suitcase Travels at:  http://candydiaries.com/style-diva-to-watch-virtuous-styls-by-virtuous-one/


Kerrie Cooke/Celeste Duckworth