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Downtown Fever

Are you ready for the summer?

Those scorching temperatures can get to you. That’s why it’s time to peel off the layers of clothes. During the summer you don’t want to wear dark clothing so you have to brighten up your day with color. I am wearing a sleeveless, purple dress. I didn’t want to stick with just one plain color, so I chose to wear orange, purple, and pink sandals. You can never go wrong with wearing accessories.

So I decided to use colors from the sandals I’m wearing. I have purple and pink bracelets. Also, my earrings are orange. To top it off, I am wearing an orange, cross body purse. Fashion does not always mean you have to wear expensive, over-the-top outfits. You can wear something simple and with a little accessories, your outfit can be awesome!

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Tyerra Drake

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