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Brighten your day with Red!

Brighten Your Day!

This weather just can’t make up its mind.  It rains one day and its sunny the next.  But that is ok because it’s summer.  I decided to brighten up the day with red.  Because red is a vibrant color I chose to wear a red high-low button down shirt.  

It has specks of white patterns on it.  And because it’s see-through I’m wearing a white tank top underneath.  When it comes to choosing jeans, its better to wear dark colored to bring out the red.  So, I’m wearing dark colored jeans that I rolled into caprices.  Instead of wearing all red shoes, I’m wearing white converse with a little bit of red on the out sole.  

Accessories will not hurt, so I am wearing red and white bangles.  Also, a red ring and big white earrings.  This outfit is good for a nice day around the city.  Putting things together isn’t hard.

Tyerra Drake

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