Starr Poetess

Janet Renee Cryer/Starr Poetress
I am Janet Renee Cryer. My friends call me Renee but my poetic associates call me Starr or Poetress. I have been married 19.5 years to Robert Cryer. My prize possessions, miracles, gifts are my teenage boy Ian (17) and Waylon (13). I have a great deal of acquaintances and very few real friends. The Lord, love, family, and people inspire me to write. Poetry has always been a passion of mine since the tender age of 5 when I first read a poem called The Vanishing Cream author unknown. When I write I don’t have a targeted group in mind normally. My recent mentors are Melanie Williams, Mannie the Poet, Janet Dawson, Curtis E. Scott, Poet Valentinno, and many more. One reason my books are separated by topic is because some book maybe more of an adult read than books. Writing poetry has not only been fun and a focus but therapy. Suffering from depression most of my life, it was a safe outlet and haven instead of using alternate and more dangerous means.

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