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Love is Never Easy!

Andrea’ Porter was born in Jamaica and at the age of 9 her mother brought her and her siblings to live in the United States. She grew up in New York City, but moved away to live with her father who resides in Florida when she turned 18. Andrea’ have always wanted to travel so she did some traveling before settling down in Texas.

  Growing up Porter had two loves, track & field and reading. She also had a wild imagination and making up stories in her head was another way she could escape reality. However, it wasn’t until after a failed marriage of 7 years ended that she got the courage to write her first novel. Instead of becoming bitter, Andrea’ is learning to become better with her writing and with each obstacles she encounters. Porter believes in having a relationship with God and being true to self.

Andrea’ is not only an Author, she is a Publisher, Motivational Speaker, and a Mother of three. This single mother is dedicated to showing other women like her how to make their dreams come through even when the odds are against them. She believes women shouldn’t settle for less than what they deserve. This author has written 3 novels and is now working on a screenplay.


Love is never easy … Candy, Mona and Lisa have been friends since college, and are women on the move. They each have made strides in their careers-though some more than others but-when it comes to their love lives, they are all at the same place: each wants more. Candy is beautiful and has had her share of men, but is now trying to walk a better path now that she has given her life to the Lord. But dating isn’t easy when you’re celibate. Then there is Lisa. She is a top-rate attorney and is married to her college sweetheart, but her life is far from idyllic. As for Mona, well, she is busy trying to build a relationship on the shakiest of foundations-with another woman’s husband. Each woman chases love in her own way, but each of their choices could threaten the delicate balance of their friendship. They are willing to pay the price for a shot at real love, but will their friendship be the sacrifice each has to make? … but in the end, love is all we’re after

Celeste Duckworth