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What Would You Pay For The Truth?

Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Caught in the matrix of a ‘Big Brother’ governement?  This very same unscrupulous behavior becomes pivotal for Hearns, as he works to escape the government’s watchful eye.

{tab=Playing God}

Falling deeper into a hopeless journey out of desperation for true freedom, Hearns’ search becomes addictive and more enlightening.  Just as many  search for the truth, Hearns stops at nothing to thwart his antagonists who have harnessed the power to literally play God.

{tab=Treasured Discovery}

Upon one of the government’s most treasured discoveries, the God particle, a story in the wake of a mind-boggling scientific breakthrough is unearthed. With the capability of halting the earth’s movement, this power is obtained by revolutionist Lawrence Reins and his devoted followers with intent for global domination.

{tab=Victor Hearns}

In this sci-fi drama, military veteran and unmistakable badass, Victor Hearns, finds himself thrown into a world that is somehow colder and far more dangerous than the sordid way of life he once knew.

He must utilize a mix of underworld expertise and formal military training, to remain ahead of this time-altering scientific innovation.

With his wife in the possession of this underground sect of supposed do-gooders, Hearns faces the challenge of appeasing his adversaries just long enough to save her life.

Contrary to his war hero status, Hearns is anything but America’s golden boy. Forced to abandon his life as a sophisticated human trafficking authority and redefine himself as the FBI’s dark horse, Hearns is in fact a paragon of the “reluctant hero.”

Encouraged to carry on leading his straight-laced life solely by his wife, Hearns will go to any length to mainain her safety; however, with her endangerment looming, all bets are off for the instinctual rebel. Reverting to the seedy methods of operation that once carried him through the darkest of trenches, Hearns is an indignant man on a mission.


Knuckle City Films, award winning independent production company based in Los Angeles, California, is currently crowd funding for the epic project, HEARNS: The Series. The project is looking to raise $12, 500 to begin production for the first three episodes as an online web series, gaining both recognition and continued production! With a deadline of August 17th this project is seeking funds and avid supporters for independent filmmakers. All donations and contributions can be given directly through IndiGoGo.com campaign site at:   http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hearns-the-series